Agility Association of Canada Dog Trial Results Page

Trial Results For July 2018
Trial Date Host Club
01-Jul-18 Dogs on Campus
01-Jul-18 Tag-Team Agility Group
02-Jul-18 Tollhaven Learning Centre
03-Jul-18 Muthut Agility
04-Jul-18 Agilité Rive-Sud le Quebec
04-Jul-18 Campaign Dog Academy
04-Jul-18 Out Back Agility
05-Jul-18 More Dogz
06-Jul-18 Centre Tamylee
06-Jul-18 Fundy Agility & Sports Team
06-Jul-18 K-9 Cliffhanger
07-Jul-18 Clear Sailing Dog Sports Club
07-Jul-18 Dream Fields
07-Jul-18 K-9 Klubhouse Training Centre
07-Jul-18 Love 2 Play
07-Jul-18 Paws4Fun Agility
08-Jul-18 Complexe Educatif Canin
08-Jul-18 Dogz Canine Sports Centre
08-Jul-18 Middlesex Agility Club
08-Jul-18 Peck Meadows Dogsport Club
09-Jul-18 Club d'agilité de la Montérégie
10-Jul-18 Dogs At Large
11-Jul-18 Backyard Agility Dogs
12-Jul-18 More Dogz
13-Jul-18 Fionavar K9 Training
13-Jul-18 Little River Dog Sports
13-Jul-18 Muskoka Agility Dogs
13-Jul-18 Toutou Concept Agilité
14-Jul-18 Guides Canins
14-Jul-18 PAKOC K-9's & Kompany
14-Jul-18 Performance Agility Club of Edmonton
14-Jul-18 Stay N Play
15-Jul-18 Paus-N-Train Dog Club
17-Jul-18 Muthut Agility
18-Jul-18 Agilité Rive-Sud le Quebec
18-Jul-18 Campaign Dog Academy
18-Jul-18 Out Back Agility
19-Jul-18 Central Okanagan Dog Agility Club
19-Jul-18 More Dogz
20-Jul-18 Agility in Manitoba
20-Jul-18 Capital Comets Dog Sports
20-Jul-18 FurEver Fun Dog Training
20-Jul-18 PAC
21-Jul-18 ActOn Agility
21-Jul-18 DPF Leading Agility
21-Jul-18 Dream Fields
21-Jul-18 Jumping for Joy
21-Jul-18 Peck Meadows Dogsport Club
22-Jul-18 Paws4Fun Agility
24-Jul-18 Muthut Agility
25-Jul-18 Love 2 Play
26-Jul-18 More Dogz
27-Jul-18 Fetch Inc
27-Jul-18 Rave Dog Sports
28-Jul-18 Club Éducation Canine Sherbrooke
28-Jul-18 Flashing Canines
28-Jul-18 Hydeout Dog Training
28-Jul-18 Paws Squad Canine Sports Cub
28-Jul-18 RU Ready Agility
29-Jul-18 Daytripper Dog Training
29-Jul-18 Tollhaven Learning Centre
31-Jul-18 Muthut Agility
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