Agility Association of Canada Dog Trial Results Page

Ontario Approved Trials As Of 2023-01-26
Trial Date Hosting Club
29-Jan-23 Windswept Farm Agility
11-Feb-23 Out Back Agility
19-Feb-23 Windswept Farm Agility
20-Feb-23 Red Barn Event Centre
05-Mar-23 RUReady Agility
05-Mar-23 Windswept Farm Agility
11-Mar-23 Out Back Agility
18-Mar-23 Dog Agility Ontario
26-Mar-23 Red Barn Event Centre
26-Mar-23 Windswept Farm Agility
31-Mar-23 Details Dog Training
08-Apr-23 Out Back Agility
16-Apr-23 RUReady Agility
16-Apr-23 Windswept Farm Agility
22-Apr-23 Middlesex Agility Club
23-Apr-23 Windswept Farm Agility
24-Apr-23 Red Barn Event Centre
29-Apr-23 Cruisin' Paws Agility
29-Apr-23 Paus-N-Train Dog Club
06-May-23 Out Back Agility
07-May-23 RUReady Agility
07-May-23 Windswept Farm Agility
13-May-23 Out Back Agility
19-May-23 Animoosh Agility
20-May-23 Acton Agility
20-May-23 Daytripper Dog Training
02-Jun-23 RUReady Agility
03-Jun-23 Acton Agility
03-Jun-23 K-9 Klubhouse Training Centre
03-Jun-23 Top Skill K9
06-Jun-23 Big Sky Dog Centre
10-Jun-23 Acton Agility
10-Jun-23 Middlesex Agility Club
10-Jun-23 Paws4Fun Aglity Club
11-Jun-23 Daytripper Dog Training
11-Jun-23 Details Dog Training
17-Jun-23 Out Back Agility
20-Jun-23 Big Sky Dog Centre
23-Jun-23 Animoosh Agility
24-Jun-23 Acton Agility
24-Jun-23 Hill Top K-9 Agility
30-Jun-23 Jumping for Joy Dogsports
30-Jun-23 The Agility Connection
01-Jul-23 Bark Avenue Remarkable K9’s
02-Jul-23 RUReady Agility
08-Jul-23 Paws4Fun Aglity Club
14-Jul-23 Muskoka Agility Dogs
15-Jul-23 Acton Agility
15-Jul-23 Middlesex Agility Club
15-Jul-23 Out Back Agility
16-Jul-23 Paus-N-Train Dog Club
21-Jul-23 K-9 Klubhouse Training Centre
22-Jul-23 Big Sky Dog Centre
22-Jul-23 RUReady Agility
22-Jul-23 Sleeping Giant Dog Sports
04-Aug-23 The Agility Connection
05-Aug-23 Acton Agility
05-Aug-23 Out Back Agility
12-Aug-23 Middlesex Agility Club
12-Aug-23 Muskoka Agility Dogs
19-Aug-23 Acton Agility
20-Aug-23 Thunder Bay Agility Dogs
25-Aug-23 RUReady Agility
26-Aug-23 Big Sky Dog Centre
27-Aug-23 Daytripper Dog Training
09-Sep-23 Paws4Fun Aglity Club
09-Sep-23 The Agility Connection
15-Sep-23 Muskoka Agility Dogs
16-Sep-23 Acton Agility
16-Sep-23 Big Sky Dog Centre
16-Sep-23 Daytripper Dog Training
16-Sep-23 Details Dog Training
16-Sep-23 Out Back Agility
16-Sep-23 Sleeping Giant Dog Sports
17-Sep-23 Middlesex Agility Club
23-Sep-23 Hill Top K-9 Agility
23-Sep-23 Muskoka Agility Dogs
30-Sep-23 Acton Agility
30-Sep-23 Big Sky Dog Centre
30-Sep-23 Cruisin' Paws Agility
30-Sep-23 K-9 Klubhouse Training Centre
30-Sep-23 Top Skill K9
14-Oct-23 Out Back Agility
21-Oct-23 RUReady Agility
29-Oct-23 Out Back Agility
04-Nov-23 Middlesex Agility Club
05-Nov-23 Red Barn Event Centre
11-Nov-23 Paus-N-Train Dog Club
27-Dec-23 Red Barn Event Centre
30-Dec-23 Details Dog Training

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