Agility Association of Canada Dog Trial Results Page

Newfoundland - Approved Trials As Of 2017-08-17
Trial Date Host Club Trial Location Trial Details Contact Person Contact Telephone (Fax)
09-Sep-17 Newfoundland Athletic Dog Associ Inc. (e-mail) St John's Racing & Entertainment Centre Closes on 2017-08-31, 2 Days Limited Entry Sandy Delaney (104 Spruce Hill Road, Conception Ba ()

Newfoundland Athletic Dog Associ Inc. (Link) Events Offered: SG (1) MA (3) JHClasses () MJ (1) MG (1) AD (3) AS (1) AJ (1) AG (1) SJ (1) ST (3) MS (1) SC (1) SS (1) Judges: Pamela Ford,

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